Leaders' Day-2022

ICCI vision is to serve business communities globally. Purpose of connecting businesses with each other is to up scaling investment, merger, trade and business opportunities globally. Each and every designed program is a combined effort of board members and committees. Programs are closely analyzed with every single minor detail to transform them in real success. Our participant business leaders are from Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and US. Participant Global Leader are Business leaders, Bureaucrats, Bankers and Educationists. As we knew businesses leaders are always supportive and helpful in creating turnaround stories in one or another way. Just to keep this in mind we are planning to celebrate together their contribution to society through years of knowledge, experience, ideas.


Leaders' Day-2022

This May 2022 we are going to organize ICCI’s Leaders Day, Delhi, India. This initiative is to foster global understanding and to support global business communities. Participant businesses are leading Global Business Leaders, Investors, Mentors, Bankers, Educationists, Business Hubs, Bureaucrats and Policy Makers. Participant Business Leaders are renowned globally for helping businesses to become the best possible version. These Global Leaders are always supporting industries and SME businesses through their difficult patches when they are struggling to make decisions or lacking the experience to know right direction. Leaders Day will recognize invaluable and rewarding contribution that mentoring makes along with impact on economy and our society. Leader’s day aims to encourage interactive discussions, and facilitate a shared vision and synergies for everyone involved in terms of real time Investment opportunities, Government Initiatives, Grant, Subsidies, Business Mergers and Acquisitions.



100 Business Leaders will participate from US, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia to share their success. 


Participant’s Profile

Business leaders, Bureaucrats, Bankers and Mentors


Scope in Leaders Day

Celebrate contribution to society through years of knowledge, experience, ideas

Scope of opportunities with multiple countries

Investment, Merger and Acquisition opportunities

Global Connect

Meeting with local business communities

Engagement of Leaders in some government or private assignments


Special Features

Businesses seeking mentorship

Businesses willing to brand them

Businesses want to showcase their business


Special Participations

Expecting program inauguration from Hon’ble Prime Minister of India / Vice President of India

4 – 6 Country Government Ambassadors

8 – 10 Consul from multiple countries


Main Attractions

Promotion of program in business communities of US, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia

Engagement and permissions of India Government agencies and Bureaucrats

Gathering of 100 participants during ICCI’s Leaders Day

Publicity of ICCI’s Leaders Day in Indian Media

Digital promotion of event on focused global platforms