Arbitration, Economic Affairs & Research, Policy Advocacy, Global Outreach, Strategic Investments, International Mergers, Leaders Approach, Business Advocacy, Innovation Support.

Entry Route Procedure Advisory

ICCI support international businesses entering in Indian market with government permissions, merger of Indian partner, target market identification, survey and analysis.

Advisory Services to Business

With the in-house expertise at Inventivepreneur Chamber, we give business advice to Indian companies on most aspects of their business. This include, national and regional economic and industry related issues, corporate affairs, government connect, strategic mergers, corporate and industrial relations, skill development.

Strategic Investment

ICCI’s one entity Inventive Invest is working dedicatedly for mid & large size strategic investments on debt / equity basis.

Certification Services

Recommendation letters for visas for business promotion to foreign diplomatic missions in India are also issued for representatives of Indian companies.

Capacity Building

In its endeavor towards capacity building in the country, ICCI organizes focused entrepreneurial development training programs.

Stay Ahead of Competition

ICCI Chamber provides tailor-made value-add knowledge and information based on government amendments to businesses seeking new opportunities, government announced incentive schemes, involvement in government supported PPP model programs, engagement in government announced industry specific programs.

Advisory Role in Policy Formulation

ICCI represents State Advisory and Consultative bodies on formulating major economic / industrial policies.

Leadership Connect

ICCI board’s distinguished members are comprising of Global Business Leaders from variety of industries.

Networking Opportunities

ICCI provides you excellent networking opportunities with government officials, diplomats, global leading names from all spheres of business industries.

Global Outreach

ICCI is working as investment facilitation agency for multiple country governments in Asia, Africa and Europe. Purpose of merger is to introduce new investment opportunities in these countries, engaging businesses with country governments in PPP model, Investment in government announced industries. Up scaling trade and business opportunities between countries. Handholding sustainable business models with global outreach. Boosting education, tourism and cultural growth between countries.